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Fitzrovian Pennies

Pennies from Heaven

Annie Allchild, Betty May, a local Councillor and Charlie Allchild with a group of children ready for their outing.

The Fitzrovian Pennies Charity aims to captivate and cultivate creativity in Children of all ages.

Long has Fitzrovia been associated with some of the most creative & entrepreneurial people in London. Great artists, writers, actors, architects, physicians, engineers, philosophers, composers, musicians, film makers, broadcasters, photographers, art directors & designers, fashionisters and foodsters have all been involved with this immensely creative habitat and culturally rich environment.

In 1923 Juddah ‘Pop’ Kleinfeld of The Fitzroy Tavern decided to launch a small Charity for the benefit of under-priviledged children in the area. Those he knew had never seen the countryside or received anything at Christmas. By persuading his customers to place their small change in a paper dart and lodging it firmly on the ceiling he created ‘Pennies from heaven’. As a Charity, it collected the equivalent of over half a million pounds in its time and provided hundreds of children with some extra support they needed.

Fitzrovian Pennies pays homage to these people who have helped shape modern society and culture in numerous ways, not only in the Fitrovian locale but also on the world stage.

The activity programme for Fitzrovian Pennies is just being developed, but the potential for fostering creativity through broader thinking and the application of creative resources and processes to improve the effectiveness of learning and provide greater potential is enormous. The original ‘logo’ for Pop’s Charity is shown here and aptly illustrates true aspiration.

Please make a donation to this worthwhile endeavour. It will enrich children’s lives whatever they go on to achieve. If you wish to become a Corporate or personal sponsor, or participate or to help in any way with the Charity, please contact Sally Fiber or Edwin Philpott via the email link at the top right of the screen.